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Residents who live here have lots to say about what brought them and why they made the decision to move. Read some of their stories below to get an idea of what they love about Villas at Stoney Point.



Considering I had no intention of moving, what brought me to Villas at Stoney Point? Out of curiosity, I responded to an ad for a presentation for the opening of the Villas. My husband passed away this past year and I was thinking I needed to assess my social life. Rachel and Jill made the presentation feel like a party. I had such a good time, I went to a second presentation and then I toured the “not yet open” facility. The building is gorgeous and the amenities were all things I was interested in. The staff was so inviting that their energy just pulled me in without any pressure.

“Joyful Residents. Healthy Body and Mind. Family Atmosphere.”

They made my move in as easy as possible. The staff sets the tone for this living space and each have their own talents, but they all bring their joy to the workplace. They couldn’t be more accommodating and creative in presenting activities. The residents are equally as joyful. We are encouraged to create a healthy body and mind and a joyful spirit. We gather at breakfast (which is provided), as you would as a family. That creates a family atmosphere.

There are a number of floor plans and I particularly like that these are rented on a month-to-month basis. With the beautiful pool, workout room, art studio, happy hour in the pub weekly, movies in the theatre weekly, game night, cookouts, walking trail and all the extra activities and parties, I am busier than when I was working. Two weeks after I moved in, I hosted my family reunion. It was a perfect venue and the staff was most accommodating. The staff and residents all create a most supportive and fun-loving atmosphere. Who doesn’t like surprises every day?

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Jo recently discussed moving on her own timeline and terms with News Radio 600 WMT in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. LISTEN >>

“Getting out of the house and being encouraged to be active and social was important to me.”

Carol, Niece of Margie

I can’t even begin to express my thanks to all of the staff at Villas at Stoney Point. My aunt had been talking about moving there for several months. She said she’d drive buy and see how lovely it looked, get advertisements in the mail and wanted to make an appointment to go see it. But, she just couldn’t bring herself to make that appointment because she had lived in her home for 52 years and she couldn’t get past the fact that that was her home and she couldn’t leave it, or the memories.

“I don’t even miss my home, it’s in the past now.”

After several months, she decided that she’d go look and had a couple visits with friends. Then she called me: I’m her niece and I live in Florida. She told me she was ready to make the move but couldn’t do it without my help. My husband and I got on a plane and flew up. We made a few visits with her looking at several apartments and she picked the one she is now very happy with. We went home and a week later I came back for two weeks to start moving her in.

During that time I made several trips back and forth from her house to her new apartment moving boxes. Everyone was extremely nice and said they couldn’t wait to meet Margie. Whenever I would go to the front desk and ask for something, everyone was always accommodating. Rachael, Liz, Beth, and Steve are all the BEST!

I touch base every day with Aunt Margie and she tells me she’s going down to breakfast, enjoying the pub activities and the other activities that go on. She said everyone is so helpful and they all say they’re like family there. But, the best thing she has told me is, “I don’t even miss my home, it’s in the past now.” That’s how I know that Villas at Stoney Point is now her home. Thank you to everyone there who has made that possible!